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Our Team

JJ Moon headshot

JJ (Jung) Moon, Founder & President
JJ is President of SMG Asset Canada Inc. and SMG-related entities, as well as a director of Altentech Power Inc.—a biomass dryer company—and the CEO of GeoEnvirotec—an environmental remediation technology product development company. His background in science originates from Johns Hopkins University, where he was first exposed to the intricacies of chemical reactions and solutions. JJ decided the best approach to address global environmental problems was to develop a business that applied his unique education and skillset, and oversee the process and product from start to finish. This led to the foundation of SMG Group of Companies in 1998, which evolved from a financial services company to include businesses in clean and renewable energy, consistent with SMG’s vision for a sustainable future. He has extensive experience in financial management, venture project management, and has served as President and Chairman of the Canada Korean Societies. JJ’s primary role with SMG Wood Pellet Inc. involves securing end users of wood pellets, particularly large industrial users and utilities companies based in South Korea and Asia.

Brent Wiren headshot

Brent Wiren, Technical Manager
Brent Wiren is a Director of FMI Bioenergy Inc., a bioenergy consulting firm based in British Columbia. Brent is a licensed equipment technician by trade, with focus on electronic, hydraulic, mechanical design, construction, and troubleshooting. He has worked in the gas and oil sector for many years, specializing in the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of large reciprocating power generators and natural gas compressors. Brent has administrative and practical experience with British Columbia’s wood pellet industry, having been a Director for a mid-sized mill in Princeton for seven years, and has helped build several small-scale mills. His reach has also extended beyond North America to China, where he provided consulting services for over a dozen wood pellet producers with respect to fibre studies, equipment specifications, quality control, marketing, and operations. He is familiar with quality assurance and quality control procedures, exceeding Canadian and Chinese standards in a program he implemented for FMI Brands Inc. Brent has been working with Altentech Power Inc. as a technical advisor for the last three years to install, validate, and design its unique drying technology. He strongly believes in the value of waste-to-energy conversion and the future of bioenergy. Brent’s primary role with SMG Wood Pellet Inc. is to manage, oversee, and participate in the construction and ongoing operations.

Peter Wu headshot

Peter Wu, Chief Financial Officer
Peter is the Chief Financial Officer of SMG Asset Canada Inc. and related entities, and is responsible for the SMG Group of Company’s financial management and reporting, regulatory compliance and reporting, corporate and financing deal structuring. Prior to joining SMG, Peter worked in the auditing division at BDO LLP, where he focused on auditing financial institutions, construction and real estate companies, and Crown corporations. He graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Commerce, and obtained his Chartered Accountant and Certified General Accountant designations. Peter’s primary role with SMG Wood Pellet Inc. is to provide financial strategies, solutions, and deal structuring. He left the professional services world for the biomass industry because he believes in the future of clean energy and its ability to improve the quality of life; making smart investments now has long-term environmental benefits.